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Database Editor Login

Enter your PIN number to access your record:

Entering an invalid PIN will return you to the Storm Highway main page.

NOTE: If you've just added your entry, your editor account may not be activated yet. New accounts have to be manually set up by the administrator. If you included an email address when you signed on, you will receive a notification email when your editor account is activated.

Known Bugs

There are three minor problems that I'm aware of:
  1. The photo uploader utility recently has been assigning wrong permissions to files. The photos will upload successfully, but will not be viewable (403 forbidden error). If this happens to you, send me an email and I will fix it for you.
  2. Members who have entered a large amount of data in their records may experience hangs when attempting to edit their profile. In these cases the editor may stall briefly, but on certain occasions may not post the updates at all. For the time being, keeping your entries brief (IE, no long paragraphs) may prevent this. If this occurs, email your updates and I will manually add them.
  3. Commas are mysteriously removed from the initial 'Add Entry' page. The editor function does not have this problem, so any commas that were removed in your initial submission may be re-inserted with the editor.
Unfortunately due to time constraints, there are no plans to fix these issues. If you have experience with CGI/Perl database script programming and would be interested in volunteering time to help, let me know.
I lost/forgot my PIN!
Send me an email and I'll retrieve your PIN for you.

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