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2002 Storm Observing Accounts, Photos and Videos

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2002 was filled with great lightning around my home state of West Virginia. The year also brought another memorable, although tornado-less, expedition to the Great Plains in May. I had a great time with new friends, and consider the trip one of my most enjoyable ever.

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2002 Expedition Highlights

November 10, 2002
Storm observing the historic severe weather outbreak in the midwest and Ohio Valley.

September 18, 2002
Lightning and the American flag at Milton, WV.

September 3, 2002
Lightning expedition in the Parkersburg, WV area.

June 19, 2002
Growing cumulonimbus in Dunbar, WV.

June 4, 2002
Lightning expedition in the Ripley, WV area.

Weather Expedition 2002
Weeklong trip to the Great Plains for peak severe weather season.

All 2002 Expedition Logs

January 2002:
1/24: Winter lightning WV

February 2002:
2/20: Winter lightning WV

March 2002:
3/15: Lightning expedition WV
3/29: Lightning expedition WV

April 2002:
4/10: Thunderstorms WV
4/14: Lightning expedition WV
4/17: Lightning expedition WV
4/28: Lightning expedition WV

May 2002:
5/12: Lightning expedition WV
5/23: Lightning expedition OK
5/24: Severe Storms TX
5/26: Lightning expedition OK,TX
5/27: Supercell TX
5/28: Lightning expedition TX,AR,TN,KY

June 2002:
6/4: Lightning expedition WV
6/14: Capitol rainbow WV
6/19: Cumulonimbus WV

July 2002:
7/2: Lightning expedition WV
7/4: Lightning expedition WV
7/18: Power plant storm WV
7/18: Lightning expedition WV
7/30: Lightning expedition WV

August 2002:
8/17: Lightning expedition WV
8/18: Lightning expedition WV
8/25: Lightning expedition WV

September 2002:
9/3: Lightning expedition WV
9/18: Lightning expedition WV

November 2002:
11/10: Severe storms WV,KY

Catch of the Year:

May 27 - Post, TX: A lone thunderstorm pulses with lightning under a starlit sky on the Texas prairie. [ Read more about this event ]

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