Photography and Prints of St. Louis, Missouri : Cityscapes & the Gateway Arch

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St. Louis Storms and Weather
St. Louis Storms and Weather >
Lightning, supercells, severe storms, rainbows, ice and snow in and around the city.
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City and Skyline
St. Louis City & Skyline >
Views of the downtown city skyline, skyscrapers, buildings and the Arch.
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Gateway Arch Photos
Gateway Arch Photos >
Images of St. Louis' world-famous monument in all seasons, angles and weather.
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Cardinals: World Series and NLCS
Cardinals Baseball >
Busch Stadium, fans and the city in Cardinals regalia.
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St. Louis Aerial Photos
St. Louis Aerial Photos >
Aerial imagery of the city and Gateway Arch from various angles and altitudes, including low flyovers.
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Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon)
Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon) >
Deep red moon during a total lunar eclipse.
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Sunrise and Sunset
St. Louis Sunrise & Sunset >
Images from morning and evening twilight and colored skies.
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The Seasons of St. Louis
The Seasons of St. Louis >
Photo series blending the many seasons and weather in St. Louis.
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St. Louis Winter Scenes
St. Louis Winter Scenes >
Snow, ice and winter scenes at the Arch and the metro area.
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St. Louis Fireworks >
Fireworks displays over the city during Fair St. Louis and the 4th of July.
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The Old Courthouse
The Old Courthouse >
One of downtown's most distinctive landmarks, part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial.
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St. Louis Landmarks >
Distinctive St. Louis buildings, historic items, bridges and parks.
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Black and White
St. Louis Black & White >
Selected photos processed in black and white.
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St. Louis Bridges >
Bridges in St. Louis, including the Eads, MacArthur and Martin Luther King (MLK) across the Mississippi River.
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 Trains and Railroads
St. Louis Trains & Railroads >
Railroads in St. Louis, including passenger, steam and light rail.
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Forest Park Balloon Glow
Forest Park Balloon Glow >
The annual Balloon Glow event at Forest Park.
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From the photographer: Though West Virginia was home for most of my life, St. Louis has become my fully-adopted city. I first passed through this town in 2001, and after many dozens of trips later, I decided to make it my new home. The highly varied weather that St. Louis experiences throughout the year, along with the city's unique character, make shooting photos here an endless adventure. I have made it a goal to try and capture as many of the amazing scenes that present themselves in this city as I can, and I hope you enjoy browsing the collection of images. You can order quality prints of any image you see in the catalog by clicking the thumbnail and then the 'order a print of this image' button underneath the photo. If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for visiting! - Dan

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