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                   Friday, October 1, 2021

September 2021 storm observing roundup

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This is a blog-post-in-progress covering September 2021 storm outings.

September 4: Predawn storms south of St. Louis

Models generally were correct about meager storms arriving before dawn across the St. Louis metro. I went out from Valley Park, MO to Columbia, IL around 4:30AM, but lightning was infrequent and mostly buried in rain. No photos or videos captured.

September 14: Storms across the St. Louis metro

Storms were beginning to develop areawide by early afternoon, so I parked across from downtown awaiting eventual activity over the city. A cell went up right over downtown, but produced no lightning. I moved back west for additional rounds of storms, encountering a barrage of close bolts at Brentwood that sent me hurrying back to downtown for a possible Arch strike. Two very close bolts struck just off to my side in Brentwood and again at the I-44/I-55 split, but my dashcams didn't capture usable images of either one thanks to rolling shutter. I got a camera on the Arch as the barrage continued, but the activity moved east of downtown without any additional visible bolts.

September 19: Weak storms east of St. Louis

Storms were moving in from an unusual direction - the southeast - this Sunday afternoon. The nice thing about this is that I can get an idea of the character of storms at home before they impact downtown St. Louis. Despite a few lightning strikes east of town and some mean-looking precip cores, the storms didn't provide anything of photogenic value.

September 21: Overnight St. Louis metro storms

Models had a good handle on some lightning-active storms passing through the metro ahead of a cold front during the predawn hours Tuesday morning. The storms contained only short 20-minute bursts of good cloud-to-ground bolts, none of which happened at the places I intercepted them from Bridgeton to Brentwood. No photos or videos captured.

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