First Baptist Church of Dunbar
Wyoming County Flood Relief
July 17, 2001 - Baileysville/Benton, WV

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Group photo at Baileysville

Another group photo

Third group photo

Unloading food & supplies at Baileysville

Unloading food & supplies

More teamwork

All food & supplies - panoramic 1

All food & supplies - panoramic 2

All food & supplies - panoramic 3

Drinking water

Cleaning walls

Removing tile

Scrubbing floors

Lunch break

Mud-covered lawn

Cleanup crews

Aftermath of 7 feet of muddy water

Cleanup crews

Pool damage

Removing ruined dishwasher

Basement, once completely underwater

Cleanup crewmember

Cooling off

Entryway and side room

Mud-buried floors

Pushing mud

Dodge Neon, once completely submerged

Flooded Neon

Salvaged Bible

Destroyed kitchen

Salvaged belongings

Mud removed from garage

National Guard chopper landing nearby

Water tanker

Cleanup crew

Spraying back porch

Mopping is fun!

Salvaging photos from muddy lawn

Cleanup crewmember

Rinsing mops

Surveying the damage


Washing floors

Taking a break

Finishing up

Deciding where to eat

In line at Hardees

Cleanup crewmembers

Cleanup crewmember

Long-awaited meal