"Sometimes all you can say is . . . ' Wow, thanks! '"

I have now become addicted to peach-flavored iced tea (Snapple or Lipton) after deciding that Coke wasn't the best thing to be consuming all the time. Not that iced tea is the healthiest beverage, but much better than soft drinks (the lesser of two evils).

At the Regatta, concessions are rediculously overpriced- $4.00 for a funnel cake, $2.00 for a Pepsi, etc. I soon realized that my plans to eat dinner at the event were going to be challenged by the mere $5.00 I had brought with me.

After deciding on a barbecue sandwich for $3.50 (a Regatta bargain, relatively speaking), it was becoming obvious that all of the vendors were bound to a $2.00 per drink price structure for all types of beverages, and finding something to quench my thirst for $1.50 or less was not looking good. That is, until I saw a booth with a sign advertising cups of peach-flavored iced tea for $1.00 each.

. . . Lord, you're the best.

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