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The word "apologetics" refers to the defense of a position. "Christian apologetics" is specifially the defense of a belief in God, the reliability of the Bible, and what the Bible reports. The Bible is what our knowledge of God is based on. It's always been under attack throughout history, but has to this day stood the test of both time and intense scrutiny to lead people to Christ. You won't go very far as a follower of Christ in this world without some heavy challenges to both your faith and the Scriptures you base it on. These web pages are excellent resources that answer many of the challenges and questions in an intelligent, thoughtful manner. Definitely recommended reading, listening and watching material.
  • Gary Habermas - Resources on the historicity of the New Testament and the life of Jesus. I would highly recommend looking up some talks by Habermas that are available on Youtube.
  • Reasonable Faith - Dr. William Lane Craig. Craig is considered the foremost Christian apologist in the world today. His site is a great starting point to familiarize onesself with the classic arguments for God's existence. He has debated many prominent skeptics, most of which are available on Youtube. I would highly recommend looking up some of his debates - not only to hear solid answers to skeptical claims, but to help you understand the arguments that the skeptics themselves are making.
  • Mike Licona - Licona is a prominent New Testamant scholar and apologist, with a solid presentation of the historicity of the Gospels. His site is a great resource for debunking many popular myths about Jesus and the Gospel narratives.
  • Dr. John Lennox - Oxford University. Lennox has debated many prominent skeptics and atheists.
  • Alpha and Omega Ministries - James White
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While there's no substitute for reading the Bible for yourself, these links about common issues and questions concerning the Christian life are great reading and listening material.
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