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# KSI-051204A - Large Hail in Kansas

Date filmed: May 12, 2004
Location: Attica, Kansas
Total footage: 1:37
Scenes: 5 clips
Speed: Realtime
Class: Standard

Description: Large hail up to baseball size pounds parts of rural Kansas. Hail smashes into roadway and grassy areas. Driving through large hail as it bangs into the vehicle.

Preview clip, 5.4MB

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# WVI-043003A - Small Hail in West Virginia

Date filmed: April 30, 2003
Location: Red House, West Virginia
Total footage: 1:00
Scenes: 2 clips
Speed: Realtime
Class: Standard

Description: Small hail pelts a vehicle in rural West Virginia.

Preview clip, 3.5MB

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# WVI-080504A - Small Hail in Charleston, West Virginia

Date filmed: August 5, 2004
Location: Charleston, West Virginia
Total footage: 1:01
Scenes: 5 clips
Speed: Realtime
Class: Basic

Description: Small hail pelts sidewalks, grass and vehicles.

Preview clip, 3.0MB

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