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If you see Storm Highway footage used in a manner that constitutes suspected copyright infringement, please let us know. Any unauthorized use of our footage, either on the internet, on televison or any other venue, constitutes copyright infringement. Keep in mind that we have many clients around the world who have legitimate licenses, so not every instance that our footage appears will be infringing. For this reason we ask that you contact us first regarding any suspected copyright infringement involving our material. Please do not publicly post any accusations.

We offer a financial reward to anyone who provides information leading to the successful collection of fees from a case of copyright infringement involving Storm Highway footage.

If you see an instance that you suspect may be infringing, record as much information as possible, including:

  1. Date and time the suspected infringement occured
  2. TV channel/network, venue or location in which the suspected infringement occured
  3. Any visual proof of the suspected infringement (VCR/DVR recording, camera snapshot of TV screen, etc)
Please email the details of any suspected cases of infringement via the web form or call (605) 770-1624. Your assistance is appreciated.

Storm Highway Footage is seen regularly on: The Weather Channel, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, The History Channel, CBS, ABC, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, numerous local TV network affiliates, and more. See a portfolio showing a sampling of on-air credits and aircheck images.

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