Storm Highway Extreme Weather Stock Footage

Slow-Motion Lightning Stock Footage (from High-Speed Cameras)

The following videos represent footage filmed on a professional high-speed camera in CinemaDNG RAW. Slow-motion footage reveals dazzling features of lightning that are invisible to the human eye, including downward-propagating stepped leaders, upward leaders, recoil leaders, return stroke M components and upward leaders from tall objects. For an up-to-date selection of more high-speed camera lightning footage, visit the Storm Highway Youtube channel.

Lightning footage filmed at 6,000 frames per second

This 6,000 FPS lightning footage collection reveals the intricate workings of lightning stepped leader propagation, showing the development process of lightning strikes in amazing detail.

Lightning footage filmed at 1,500 frames per second

This 1,500 FPS lightning footage highlight reel showcases a diverse range of lightning types and settings, including lightning striking the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, striking Chicago skyscrapers with several triple building strikes, upward, downward, positive and negative lightning are all represented.

Chicago thunderstorm at 1,500 frames per second

1,500FPS footage of an epic lightning show over Chicago, with multiple instances of two and three skyscrapers struck at the same time.

St. Louis lightning barrage with Gateway Arch strikes

1,500FPS footage of a rare-intensity lightning barrage over downtown St. Louis, with strikes to the Gateway Arch.

High-Speed Footage Details

Unlike cell phones, professional high-speed cameras capture the entire sensor area with a global shutter, with no line interpolation or compression. The CinemaDNG format allows for a wide array of post-processing options. Footage is available for delivery in CinemaDNG sequence, unprocessed TIFF sequence, post-processed TIFF sequence (color grading and sensor banding correction) and algorithmically-upscaled 1080p TIFF sequence formats. The Youtube sample clips are rendered from the processed and algorithmically-upscaled 1080p sequences.

High-speed cameras offer faster performance with increased cropping of the active sensor area. This allows capture of higher-framerate footage with the compromise of smaller frame sizes. The native temporal and spatial resolution combinations represented in this catalog are as follows:

Frames per second
Frame size
1,502 fps720p1280x720
6,002 fps354p640x354
10,034 fps268p496x268

Storm Highway Footage is seen regularly on: The Weather Channel, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, The History Channel, CBS, ABC, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, numerous local TV network affiliates, and more. See a portfolio showing a sampling of on-air credits and aircheck images.

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