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Storm Highway high-definition footage is filmed at 1920x1080 resolution. Files are archived in their straight-from-the-camera format, ensuring the highest quality master for your production. Conversion of files to the format of your choice, as well as internet FTP/HTTP or hard drive delivery service is also available.

Storm Highway new video RSS/XML feed 168 HD videos currently in HD catalog. Choose a category:

HD Lightning (71)
Lightning in daytime,
nighttime, urban and
rural settings.

HD Floods (8)
Raging, muddy floodwaters,
flooded property,
and more.

HD Storm Clouds (30)
Dark, threatening skies,
storm clouds, rainbows
and more.

HD Winter Weather (24)
Snow, ice and
slippery roads.

HD Car Accidents (13)
Car accidents and
dangerous driving
caught on camera.

HD Tornadoes (10)
Tornado footage
shot in HD.

HD Wind (12)
Strong and damaging
winds and windy conditions.

HD Basic (6)
Rain, snow, fog and other
miscellaneous weather conditions.

HD Marine Weather (1)
Big waves
on the coast.

HD Hail (4)
Hail from large
to small.
Storm Highway Footage is seen regularly on: The Weather Channel, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, The History Channel, CBS, ABC, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, numerous local TV network affiliates, and more. See a portfolio showing a sampling of on-air credits and aircheck images.

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