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Latest Event Image: Ice storm from freezing rain in the eastern St. Louis metro area on February 3. more
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Icy Road Safety has become one of my more intensive subjects of coverage in recent years of what is the greatest weather hazard to the average American.

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Saturday Scholars weather & storm chasing links

For the students at Edwardsville and O'Fallon high schools today, here are the links to get you started with basic meteorology and storm chasing:

  • Haby Hints: A great resource to get started with understanding basic meteorology.
  • Weather Data Links: This is my weather data links 'bookmark page' that I use daily. There are links here for realtime observations, radar, models, and more. You can use these links to do your own forecasting of winter storms, severe storms and other types of weather.
  • Weather Library: Articles on weather and storm-related topics, including FAQs, myths and truths and more.
  • Storm Chasing & Photography FAQ: Common questions about storm chasing.
  • Icy Road Safety: All about the icy road hazard - with videos, photos tips and stats.


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                Thursday, February 3, 2011 - 8:30PM CST    Storm Highway blog RSS/XML feedStorm Highway Twitter FeedStorm Highway Facebook page

More STL metro-east ice storm photos

GALLERY LINK: February 2-3, 2011 Ice Storm Gallery

Thankfully, today's forecast verified, with clear skies prevailing for most of the day. The few minutes around sunrise and sunset provided the best lighting. I'm as ready for spring as anybody, but sights like these are really amazing, and make winter easier to appreciate. These are the kind of scenes where I'm actually disappointed in a camera's inability to capture the full glory of them as my eyes are seeing it. The thumbnails below link to the gallery page for this event, which also includes the rest of the photos from yesterday.

click for gallery: