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This is an index of my most recent posts, in chronological order. You can also subscribe to the Blog RSS/XML feed or view the post archives page.

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March 15:
Mid-March season update: winter hanging on; hail shield; adding old storm logs >>

A bit of an update as we anticipate the arrival of spring storm season. So far, that hasn't really happened in the traditional sense, outside of a couple of events down in central Texas and the deep South.

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March 1:
Annual March 1 post >>

It's that time of year again! We've made it through another cold winter to the start of the transition into severe weather and tornado season.

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February 28:
January-February 2023 Storms and Weather Roundup >>

While January 2023 was a busy month for weather travels, February was mostly quiet. The following is a recap of weather observed during the first two months of this year.

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January 1:
Music from the Road 11: New Year's 2023 edition >>

Starting out the new year with this 11th edition of Music from the Road, another in the arrangement of a late-1990s era MBN Saturday Night (Moody Radio) broadcast.

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December 31:
Mid-November to December 2022 Storms and Weather Roundup >>

Below-average weather action continued for the lower Midwest into the final weeks of the year.

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November 21:
September to mid-November 2022 Storms and Weather Roundup >>

Interesting weather has been uncharacteristically absent from the lower Midwest since the end of August. Here's a roundup of the (very few) events covered during that time.

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August 31:
June-August 2022 Storms and Weather Roundup >>

The following is a recap of weather observed during meteorological summer of 2022 - a very slow season for photogenic storms, despite one historic event.

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June 16:
2022 Great Plains storm expedition logs >>

The summer ridge has arrived across the central USA, bringing an end to the 2022 severe weather season in the Great Plains. This season was a difficult one for storm photography, with numerous days that had great potential which failed to produce.

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June 13:
High-resolution photos of giant hail >>

This weekend, I finished the photo shoot of the "gorilla" hailstones (the biggest 4 to 6 inches in diameter) from near Taylor, Nebraska on May 29.

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May 31:
May 2022 Storms and Weather Roundup >>

The peak severe weather season month of May 2022 was below average in the Great Plains and Midwest, but was still productive in terms of sights and captures.

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April 30:
March-April 2022 Storms and Weather Roundup >>

Both March and April 2022 were below average for storm photography activities in the lower Midwest, with only three outings for convective storms in March (lightning and/or tornadoes). Despite that, I managed a couple of good lightning captures on my high speed camera. The month also saw an unusual tornado attempt trip east to my old home area of West Virginia on March 23rd.

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March 1:
Meteorological spring 2022 arrives >>

It's that time of year again! We've made it through yet another meteorological winter and have arrived at the beginning of the season of warming temperatures, greening trees and increasing convective storms.

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February 28:
February 2022 Storms and Weather Roundup >>

The active stretch of winter weather we saw in the USA during January extended into February. Here's a roundup of the events observed during the month.

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