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Storm Highway Stock Footage :: Full HD and SD Catalog Index

HD Lightning (71 titles)
More years of our dedicated storm observing across the USA has resulted in this extensive catalog of quality high-definition lightning footage.

Lightning (71 titles)
Our lightning footage catalog is the most complete and extensive collection available, comprising of hundreds of shots of just about any type of lightning in any setting. From lightning during the day, to lightning at night, in the city, in the country, up close and personal and even hitting skyscrapers and towers - our lightning catalog has it all.

HD Car Accidents & Dangerous Driving (13 titles)
The action of our car crash-on-tape collection, available in the detail and clarity of high-definition.

Car Accidents & Dangerous Driving (22 titles)
Our car accident-in-progress footage catalog boasts the most extensive of its type available from a single source. Our accident footage collection isn't just shots of the aftermath - you'll witness the crashes actually happening on tape along with cars spinning out, sliding and fishtailing as drivers cope with the hazards of slick roadways.

HD Tornadoes (10 titles)
Tornadoes of several shapes in high-definition.

Tornadoes (22 titles)
Tornadoes are the most elusive of weather phenomena for the photographer, and we've put in hundreds of thousands of miles traveling across the central US to offer this footage collection of tornadoes of all shapes and sizes.

HD Floods (8 titles)
Raging floodwaters in the dramatic resolution of high-definition.

Floods (14 titles)
Flooding is one of the more deadly and damaging weather hazards in the US, and one that we spend no shortage of time covering. You'll see flash floods hit suddenly with raging waters and carrying all sorts of debris.

HD Winter Weather (23 titles)
All the winter scenes you'll need, in the crispness and quality of high-definition.

Winter Weather (30 titles)
Keep your camera crew inside out of the cold! We've got all of the wintertime shots you'll need, from snowstorms, ice storms, slick roads, plows and salt trucks, snow devils and even lake-effect snow squalls.

Hurricanes (16 titles)
Footage from the eye of the storm! Our coverage of landfalling hurricanes in the US has resulted in our collection of severe winds impacting and damaging structures, signs, trees and power lines, as well as causing flooding and covering roads with debris.

HD Skies & Storm Clouds (30 titles)
The beauty and drama of the stormy skies, in breathtaking high-definition.

Skies & Storm Clouds (33 titles)
Ominous, dark and boiling clouds, exploding thunderstorms, sky-filling auroras and rainbows round out our collection of stormy sky footage.

HD Wind (12 titles)
Powerful winds cuasing damage, creating zero-visibility dust storms and turning large wind turbines.

Wind (9 titles)
Strong winds kicking up dust and knocking over objects.

Hail (3 titles)
Hail of various sizes pelts vehicles and the ground.

Marine Weather (2 titles)
Large waves crash on the shore among rocks and wooden piers.

HD Marine Weather (1 title)
High definition footage of large waves crashing on the shore will have you running for cover!

General Weather (13 titles)
Every other type of weather footage you'll need - rain, snow, ice, fog and more.

HD Basic (6 titles)
Rain, snow, ice, fog and more in high-definition.

Storm Highway Footage is seen regularly on: The Weather Channel, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, The History Channel, CBS, ABC, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, numerous local TV network affiliates, and more. See a portfolio showing a sampling of on-air credits and aircheck images.

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