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Temperatures are dropping. Days are getting shorter. Before you know it, winter will be setting in. The thunderstorms of summer may be a distant memory, but it's not time to let your guard down against the weather. In the links below, you'll see and learn how winter is still a force to be reckoned with.

Icy Road Safety
Icy Roads:
Winter's Worst Hazard

Learn how to prepare for this underrated weather-related danger that just about every driver will face.
Ice Storms:
Frozen Power

Beautiful but menacing, ice can slowly inflict tornado-like damage to trees and power lines.

St. Louis Ice Storm
An expedition to St. Louis, Missouri to cover a historic ice storm on December 1, 2006.
New River Gorge Snow
A nor'easter brings a big snowfall to Fayette County, WV.
Hickory, NC Ice Storm
An expedition to Hickory, North Carolina for an ice storm on December 15, 2005.

Extreme Weather Gallery: Winter
Images of snow, ice and cold.

Icy Bridges: Winter's highway ambush
Icy Bridge Spinouts
Two cars spin out on an icy bridge, avoiding some close calls. A pickup is not so fortunate.
SUVs on Ice
SUV drivers discover the hard way that ABS, 4WD and AWD don't help on an icy bridge.
ABS on ice
ABS kept this truck's wheels from locking up on an icy bridge, but still didn't prevent a loss of control.

Ice Storms: Freezing rain assault
St. Louis Ice Storm
A major ice storm wreaks havoc on St. Louis, with arcing power lines, tree damage and icy roads.

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