Storm Highwayweather footage appears regularly on local, national and international productions and media outlets, including The Weather Channel, The Discovery Channel, CNN, CBS, ABC, National Geographic, and more. We maintain a library of extreme weather stock footage in both standard definition and high-definition formats. Browse our catalog of over 250 extreme weather videos at

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F3 tornado hits house
Mulvane, KS
6/12/2004 - 3.8MB
[ full story & more photos ]

Close-up tower lightning
St. Albans, WV
Various - 1.8MB
[ full story & more photos ]

Indiana Lightning Show
Griffin, IN
11/15/2005 - 1.0MB
[ full story & more photos ]

30 accidents in one spot
Charleston, WV
Various - 7.1MB
[ full story & more photos ]

Creek floods in seconds
Summers County, WV
Various - 1.8MB
[ full story & more photos ]

Greensburg F5 tornado
Greensburg, KS
5/4/2007 - 32.0MB
[ full story & more photos ]

Large hail falling
Sissonville, WV
6/22/2008 - 2.7MB
[ full story & more photos ]

Large tornado forms
Spur, TX
6/12/2005 - 1.9MB
[ full story & more photos ]

Lightning hits Sears Tower
Chicago, IL
7/20/2006 - 1.0MB
[ full story ]

Kansas tornadoes
Protection, KS
4/23/2007 - 1.1MB
[ full story & more photos ]

Lightning at dusk
Clarksburg, WV
6/22/2004 - 584KB
[ full story ]

Tornado life cycle
Rock, KS
6/12/2004 - 2.0MB
[ full story & more photos ]
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