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The Storm Highway Lightning Footage Catalog is the largest and most complete collection of lightning stock video available. Due to the size of our lightning catalog, we've subdivided the videos into several categories for easier browsing. You may also view all SD lightning video listings on a single page or view all HD lightning video.

Storm Highway Lightning Video Library
117 Videos currently in lightning catalog. Choose a category:

Lightning at Night (42)
Lightning filmed after dark during nighttime hours.
Daytime Lightning (27)
Lightning filmed during the daytime and in the afternoon.
Urban Lightning (24)
Lightning above city skylines, residential areas, traffic and other urban scenes.
Rural Lightning (27)
Lightning in rural scenes with little or no man-made objects or lights in the picture.
Close Lightning (17)
Lightning striking nearby with loud, startling thunder.
Lightning Hitting Structures (9)
Lightning directly striking skyscrapers and television and radio towers.
Lightning & Landmarks (17)
Lightning with recognizeable landmarks, buildings and objects.
Thunder Audio (13)
Lightning footage containing good audio of thunder.
Lightning in High-Definition (41)
Lightning shot in HD (1080i).
View All (79)
View all video reels in the SD lightning catalog.

Storm Highway Footage is seen regularly on: The Weather Channel, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, The History Channel, CBS, ABC, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, numerous local TV network affiliates, and more. See a portfolio showing a sampling of on-air credits and aircheck images.

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All types of lightning.
Tornadoes of various shapes.
Car Accidents
Car accidents caught on camera.

Footage of hurricanes in progess.
Stormy Skies
Ominous skies and rare sightings.
Destructive, raging floodwater.
Winter Storms
Snowy, icy and cold weather.
Strong Winds
Footage of strong winds.
Time Lapse
Time-lapse weather & sky footage.
Hail from large to small.
Marine Weather
Big waves and rough seas.
General Weather
Rain, snow, fog & other weather.
Audio Effects

Authentic thunder, wind and storm sound recordings.

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STILL PHOTOGRAPHY: Stock photos of extreme weather available at the Storm Highway Gallery

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