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25 Years of Storm Chasing
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Thanks for visiting! I'm a year-round storm chaser and photographer covering St. Louis, the Midwest, the Great Plains and beyond. I've spent weeks on the road for the last 25 years, driving thousands of miles in all types of weather, and plan to do it for as long as I'm able. My goal is to capture nature's dramatic side, and in doing so, provide visitors to this site with educational information and exciting photography/video about severe storms and extreme weather. I specialize in capturing imagery and video of tornadoes, lightning, St. Louis, MO and the Gateway Arch, storms and all types of extreme weather. I also sell fine art prints of my work via my photo gallery.

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Dodge City, Kansas tornadoes
Incredible tornadoes at Dodge City, Kansas - The chase of a lifetime on May 24, 2016 with multiple highly photogenic tornadoes in southwestern Kansas.
Dodge City, Kansas tornadoes
90-Minute violent EF4 tornado in Kansas - Up close and personal with a long-lived significant tornado through Bennington, Solomon and Abilene, Kansas.
Chicago Triple Lightning Strike to Skyscrapers
Chicago Triple Skyscraper Lightning Strike - Lightning strikes all three of Chicago's tallest buildings at the same time - Sears (Willis) Tower, Trump Tower and John Hancock Center!
Lightning strikes the Gateway Arch
Lightning strikes the Gateway Arch - Lightning hits the Arch in St. Louis twice during afternoon storms on August 27, 2014!
El Reno, OK tornado of May 31, 2013
The El Reno, OK tornado of May 31, 2013 - A detailed account of the EF-5 El Reno, Oklahoma tornado of May 31, 2013, including video, images and other data.
Mythbusting: Can lightning strike the same place twice
Can lightning strike the same place twice? - Busting this myth with some help from the Mythbusters themselves!
Winter lightning and thundersnow
Winter lightning and thundersnow - All about lightning and severe storms in the winter, even during snow!
Storm Chaser Traffic and Behavior: Factual Information
Storm Chaser Traffic and Behavior: Factual Information - A resource of evidence, including 72 full-day timelapse videos, showing how storm chaser traffic in the Great Plains isn't the problem it is often made out to be.

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25 Years of Storm Chasing 25 Years of Storm Chasing: 2017 is my 25th year of storm chasing. See my favorite images from each of those years! Read More >

20 Years on the Web 20 Years on the Web: This site turned 20 years old in October of 2015! Here's a history of the site and a look at its old designs throughout the past 2 decades. Read More >

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I have all of my storm chasing imagery, video and and accounts organized by year and by category in my chase logs section. You can also browse images in the photo gallery section and videos in the stock footage section of the site. My video collection can also be viewed on the Youtube channel.

Dan's Extreme Weather Educational LibraryDan's Extreme Weather Educational Library >

The longest-running section of this site is the Extreme Weather Educational Library section, containing numerous articles about lightning, storms, severe weather and related phenomena.

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Cloud forecast for the 2017 total solar eclipse in the Midwest - Update 2

We are now close enough in time to eclipse day to start getting a feel from models of what type of weather pattern we can expect across the country on August 21.

25 Years of Storm Chasing
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Dan's RSS/XML feed
Dan's Twitter feed
Dan's Google Plus page
Dan's YouTube Video Channel

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