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Flash Floods demonstrate the sheer hidden power of ordinary water, every bit as dangerous as violent tornadoes and just as capable of inflicting destruction. Slow-moving thunderstorms in mountainous terrain are their main trigger, when rainfall rates exceed the runoff capacities of streams and creeks. Most flash flood deaths occur when motorists attempt to cross water-covered roads - unfortunately still a common practice as the photos below will attest. The following collection of photos and video were taken during Storm Highway coverage of flooding in West Virginia during the past several years.

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Flood covers roadFlood-damaged basementFlood flows over parking lotSwift, muddy waterDog in floodwater

Flood overflows onto bridgeFlooded car washRescue crewsFlooded roadFloating dumpster in flood

Truck hydroplanes on flooded roadFlood carries shed across roadDestroyed carDestroyed carsFlooded home

Storm drain whirlpool on flooded streetFlooded road and apartment complexFlooded roadFlooded roadFlooded house

Destroyed car in creek bedBuilding shifted off of foundationCars in creekDestroyed car washSalvaged Bible

Flooded roadFlooded road and parking lotsMan risks floodwatersFamily trapped in houseCar wash collapses

Rescue attempt with bulldozerRescue attempt with bulldozerPeople evacuate flooded apartmentsFlooded roadFlooded car wash

Rescue attempt with bulldozerFlooded roadFlooded roadDestroyed car washFlooded cars and apartments

Flooded cars and apartmentsIce chest carried downstreamLandslideTruck risks floodwater crossingCreek overflowing

Creek overflows across roadTruck risks floodwater crossingMan surveys flooded roadFlooded houseTree surrounded by floodwater

Ducks swim on flooded roadFlood rises to base of bridgeFlooded underpassTrees surrounded by floodwaterFlooded business district

 Flash Flood Gallery Pages: 1 | 2 | Flash Flood Video Clips

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