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Galesburg, IL lightning-lit shelf cloud

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Lightning tonight was generally disappointing given the strength of the convective complex, with most discharges fully inside the clouds. Very few CGs or otherwise visible channels for photography. I ended up back in downtown St. Louis battling constantly shifting wind-driven downpours to keep the two cameras going - but again, no visible lightning cooperated. The best sight of the chase was this shelf cloud in Galesburg after nightfall, illuminated by lightning:

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After a few days of hiccups, the 4KM WRF model did an amazing job with this day, depicting the MCS' southward bowing and transit through St. Louis nearly perfectly, while all other models and official forecasts held to the northerly track.

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Look like some shelf clouds i have caught there in IL myself. Good job on the exposures.
- Posted by Kurt
Thanks Kurt! I wished the lightning had come out of the clouds more, but at least it lit up everything enough for some photos.
- Posted by Dan R. from New Baden, IL

25 Years of Storm Chasing
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