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This is an index of my most recent posts, in chronological order. You can also subscribe to the Blog RSS/XML feed or view the post archives page.

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April 19:
Chase forecast update for April 19 >>

Despite a brief round of storms on the 3rd and again on the 13th, the weather has resembled February more than April here in the Midwest.

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April 15:
Storm chasing roundup for March 24 - April 13 >>

The 2018 spring chase season has been slow to start, with more winter events in the Midwest than convective severe weather! Here is a roundup of my outings during the past few weeks:

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March 19:
Can we forecast how good or bad a storm chasing season will be? >>

As we close in on the month of April each year, the storm chasing community is always rife with speculation on how good or bad the upcoming peak season might be. Read full post >>

March 12:
St. Louis Tornadoes & Severe Storms: Facts, History & Frequently Asked Questions >>

St. Louis has a long history of tornadoes and severe weather going back to the city's earliest days. In this article, we'll look at some of the historical events, data, myths and facts about severe weather in the region.

St. Louis Tornadoes and Severe Storms: Facts, History and Frequently Asked Questions

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March 1:
2018 chase blog kickoff >>

It's that time of year again! We've made it through a very cold and long meteorological winter, and it's time to welcome the increasingly warm air, green foliage, open roads and of course the world-famous severe weather season in the Midwest and Great Plains.

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January 12:
Light pillars during sleet in southern Illinois >>

During Thursday evening's winter weather in the St. Louis area and southern Illinois, a rare atmospheric optics phenomenon developed over much of the area.

Light pillars in O'Fallon, IL

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December 15:
California trip landscape photos - November 2017 >>

During the San Andreas Fault expedition last month, didn't do any sightseeing other than of the fault itself. I passed within easy distances of landmarks like the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, downtown Los Angeles, Joshua Tree National Park and New Mexico's Zuni-Bandera volcanic field, but in the end, I just did not have time to make the diversions to go see them. However, there was some interesting scenery encountered along the routes I took, so I thought I would devote a blog post to them.

California trip landscape photos - November 2017

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December 9:
San Andreas Fault Tour: Parkfield to the Salton Sea, California >>

Take a photo tour of the 310-mile locked-and-ready-to-rupture southern San Andreas Fault system, a likely source for an upcoming major earthquake in southern California.

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November 6:
Lightning barrage, hail & tornado from fall supercell - November 5, 2017 >>

A fall (and even winter) severe weather event or two is the norm here in the Midwest, so Sunday's hail and tornado risk was nothing out of the ordinary for the St. Louis region.

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November 4:
Earthquake chasing: the top "targets" to experience/document a major quake >>

Is it possible to "chase" an earthquake, like storm chasers do with hurricanes, supercells and tornadoes?

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November 3:
Fall Illinois lightning show - November 2, 2017 >>

Sort of a surprise thunderstorm event snuck up on me last night - I say "sort of" only because my lack of awareness was due to an extended period of work days causing me to break my usual routine of daily weather monitoring.

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October 2:
Positive cloud-to-ground lightning show - September 4, 2017 >>

These types of storms that produce fascinating oddities are one part of what keeps storm chasing interesting for me.

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September 3:
Summer 2017 storm chasing roundup >>

Here are the highlights of storms and weather events observed since my Great Plains chase season ended on June 13.

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August 26:
Total solar eclipse - Goreville, Illinois - August 21, 2017 >>

Unlike most storm chasing and celestial experiences that come up in timescales of days or hours, I had been looking forward to this event for over a decade.

Total Solar Eclipse

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August 21:
Final pre-eclipse update (4): no Midwest traffic apocalypse, but clouds still threatening >>

The big day is here - and just a few quick points to cover.

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August 17:
Eclipse update 3: Signs point to possible "Traffic Apocalypse" in St. Louis >>

Four days out from the big event, and things are definitely getting interesting.

MODOT eclipse warning

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25 Years of Storm Chasing
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