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This is an index of my most recent posts, in chronological order. You can also subscribe to the Blog RSS/XML feed or view the post archives page.

Latest Blog Posts Index:

February 9:
Ten years in the Midwest, in photos >>

January 9 marked ten years since I moved from my native West Virginia and spent my first full day and night as a Midwesterner. The following is a photographic restrospective of the past decade of life here in Missouri and Illinois.

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December 9:
September-November 2019 storm chasing roundup >>

I fell way behind on my chase log updates, so here is one big page with all of the trips since the beginning of September. A LOT has happened over these last few months!

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November 15:
Meteor fireball and significant icy road event in St. Louis - November 11, 2019 >>

On Monday, November 11, an overperforming light snow event caught DOT crews in the St. Louis are off guard, resulting in a significant road icing event that caused gridlock in the metro. While this was ongoing, a large meteor fireball exploded in the skies overhead, making international headlines.

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September 3:
August 2019 storm chasing roundup >>

August was another busy month of chasing, with a few good chase days among a lot of unproductive ones.

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July 29:
Midsummer 2019 storm chasing roundup >>

Busy - but mostly frustrating and unproductive - storm chasing has continued throughout the month of June, precluding frequent updates to the blog.

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July 18:
Earthquake chase trip: Ridgecrest, California >>

I embarked on my first "earthquake chase" expedition in Ridgecrest, California from July 14-22. The trip was amazing, with not only some spectacular fault surface rupture sights and photo opportunities, but my first earthquake experience: a magnitude 4.5 quake on Tuesday the 16th!

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June 6:
Mississippi River flood of 2019 photos: Alton, Illinois >>

The Mississippi River crested this week at Alton, Illinois, just below the record set in 1993.

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May 29:
Great Plains expedition #3 conclusion; Forecast update 11 >>

My third Great Plains storm chasing expedition of the season - a 12-day journey - ended on Monday the 27th, with two additional severe weather days in the Midwest to add to the long stretch of consecutive chase days.

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May 21:
Great Plains chase previews for days 7-12, May 16-21: Lightning and Tornadoes >>

2019 Great Plains expedition #3 continues, and it's been a busy one! Here is a quick summary of the chase days up to this point.

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May 14:
Chase forecast update 10, for May 14 >>

Models continue to show the prolific and long-term severe weather-favorable pattern beginning in the Great Plains this Friday and continuing for as far out as models can be reasonably trusted.

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May 11:
Chase forecast update 9, for May 11 >>

Over the past 48 hours, multiple models have started to indicate - with consistency - a chasing-favorable pattern beginning around next weekend, and continuing long-term.

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May 9:
Plains trip #2: Chase logs for May 6-8 >>

Plains chase expedition #2 for 2019 is on the books. This trip was not a successful one tornado-wise, and was characterized by multiple equipment failures. The lightning was also not as cooperative as I had hoped, but I didn't come away completely empty-handed on high speed captures.

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May 6:
Plains expedition #2 under way >>

It's finally time to get on the road for the first multi-day Plains tornado pattern!

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May 4:
Chase forecast update 8, for May 4 >>

We finally have what we've been waiting for in the storm chasing world, albeit briefly: multiple days of strong upper-level winds over deep moisture in the Great Plains thanks to a western upper-level trough.

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May 3:
Storm chasing roundup for April 18 - May 2 >>

It's time for another quick blog roundup of recent storm chases. This edition covers the last half of April 2019, with the first Midwest tornado of the year and lots of great slow-motion lightning captures.

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April 26:
Chase forecast update 7, for April 26 >>

As next week comes into clearer focus on the GFS and Euro models, my enthusiasm for a chase trip has waned.

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April 23:
Chase forecast update 6, for April 23 >>

If you have followed this chase blog over the years, you shouldn't be surprised at how quickly a medium to long-range outlook can change.

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April 21:
Chase forecast update 5, for April 21 >>

As we move into the last weeks of April, classic spring tornado season in the Plains and Midwest is still nowhere in sight.

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April 18:
Double Gateway Arch lightning leader strike - April 18, 2019 >>

After 9 years of defeats, my Gateway Arch nighttime lightning strike photo quest continues into 2019.

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April 16:
Storm chasing roundup for March 1 - April 15 >>

It's time for another quick roundup of storm chases and weather events covered over the past month and a half.

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March 31:
Chase forecast update 4, for March 31 >>

The first month of meteorological spring this year has been a quiet one.

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March 26:
2019 Great Plains chase trip #1 - March 22-24 >>

Chase expedition #1 to the Great Plains is on the books!

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March 19:
Chase forecast update 3, for March 19 >>

The first system with chase potential in traditional Great Plains expedition territory will materialize in the central USA this weekend. The primary event of interest is on Sunday, when moisture returns north to set up a dryline under a modest upper jet.

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March 10:
Chase forecast update for March 10 >>

Let's take a quick look at the upcoming weather model forecasts on this Sunday evening.

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March 1:
2019 chase blog kickoff >>

Can you believe it? We've made it through another winter: the green trees and fields, warm air, storms and open roads of spring await.

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February 12:
Relentless winter: storm chasing roundup through February 10 >>

This has been the most active winter season I've experienced in a long time: a relentless barrage of winter storms with rarely more than 3 or 4 days of quiet in between. Here is a roundup of the events so far this year.

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January 24:
No better place >>

I've looked down other roads along the way, and I can say without a doubt that there's no better place on earth than the road that leads to heaven"

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December 10:
December 4 icy road event in St. Louis; Oklahoma winter storm bust >>

Here's a quick roundup of winter weather events I've covered in the past month.

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December 2:
Central Illinois tornado outbreak - December 1, 2018 >>

The most prolific tornado event to strike central Illinois since November 17, 2013 also occurred in the traditional tornado "off season".

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October 10:
Hurricane Michael intercept in Panama City, FL >>

The intercept of the eyewall of near-Category 5 Hurricane Michael in Panama City, Florida.

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September 17:
September 2018 blog update: upcoming videos >>

The primary reason for the silent blog is that I have been devoting near 100% of my production time since early July to a series of upcoming Youtube videos on lightning myths, facts and science that will employ detailed 3d modeling.

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August 7:
Lightning barrage at Alton, IL with bolts striking Mississippi River locks and bridge - August 6, 2018 >>

A crazy CG lightning producer over Alton today with bolts striking both the Clark Bridge and the Melvin Price locks and dam.

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