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This is a list of all online feeds relevant to that I update on a regular basis.

Twitter Feed

The Twitter page is the primary social media outlet for this site, and is updated with each new blog post along with new videos, new photos, live streaming video notifications, and other items of interest that may or may not be covered in a blog post.

Blog Feed

The feed for the blog, updated for each new post. This is where I post new up-to-the-minute storm chasing photos either during or immediately after events. Since this is my only 'personal space' among all of my sites, I don't always adhere to weather on this blog. Other topics tend to include general photography, family/travel photos, and miscellaneous subject matter.

Storm Chase Feed

This feed is updated whenever a final chase report is posted to the site. Final chase reports differ from blog updates in that I usually include many more photos, video clips and text descriptions of the event than you would see on the typical blog post. Since final chase reports usually take some time to compile, new ones are usually delayed and relatively infrequent. So if the post frequency on the blog is too much for you, this may be your better feed - though by the time something is added here, it's usually more than a couple weeks old. If an event is not noteworthy enough in my opinion for a full chase log, I'll just add the blog post for the event to the chase feed. News Feed

The main news feed for I usually keep all posts related to winter driving and icy road stats here, separate from my main blog.

Facebook: I no longer have a presence on Facebook in any form.

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