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                   Saturday, March 27, 2010 - 2:47PM CST

March 27 quake turns out to be mining-related

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Update 11:27PM Wednesday, April 7: Another quake has been registered in WV - a 3.4 magnitude event in Braxton County, apparently not mining related: [ view blog post ]

Update 10:16AM Wednesday, March 31: The USGS has declared this event as a mining-related incident, and has removed it from the earthquake database. The exact cause of the event is still being investigated.

Posted 2:47PM Saturday, March 27: A very weak - but still rare - earthquake occured about halfway between Williamson and Oceana in southern West Virginia this morning, at about 7:37AM local time. The quake registered a magnitude 2.9 on the Richter scale, and according to reports, was also felt in North Carolina and Tennessee (II on the modified Mercalli intensity scale, which is a different type of quake scale based on damage/intensity of perceived shaking).

USGS DATA: Earthquake event data | Felt reports
Did you feel this quake? Report it here: USGS earthquake reporting

An earthquake of this magnitude would normally not produce noticable shaking across a widespread area, and any shaking would likely be very brief and hard to discern. However, the out-of-state felt reports are interesting - they are what would make me doubt that this was a mine-related incident. More felt reports may come in later, as news of the quake gets out and more people who did feel it realize that they can report it. Earthquakes in this region are not common, and the awareness of the USGS reporting site is probably not very high. If you felt this quake, your report at the USGS site will be valuable.

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Wow! I only live about 40 or so miles from this place, and I was awake, yet felt nothing. But if people in North Carolina felt it, perhaps there is a common fault line that runs that direction?
- Posted by James Lamb from Welch, WV
- Posted by KAY from ASHFORD
Kay, it's hard to say. I think most of the experts doubt that there is any connection. Hopefully in the next few months the investigation will turn up some more conclusive information.
- Posted by Dan R. from New Baden, IL
Why hasn't the news media said anything about this quake and could it possibly have anything to do with the mine explosion?
- Posted by GLoria Howell from Keyser WV
Wow today august 23 there was an earthquake in sheperdstown wv and stretched to Winchester wv
- Posted by Kaelyn from Sheperdstown wv

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