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                   Wednesday, September 23, 2009 - 8:41AM

Commercial web video: moving forward

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I have three completed studio projects as of this week, and several more are in the works. These first two videos are part of CIS projects that I've also had the privelege of working on the web aspect.

Putnam County Development Authority promo/web intro for

click for video

Joe Holland Chevrolet web intro for

click for video

State Newslines demo intro for

click for video

The studio continues to get improvements, with some new items arriving last week to fine-tune the setup. I bought some grip hardware to mount the green screen Tota light from the ceiling rather than on a floor stand. This frees the entire green screen for full stand-up keys (similar to what weathercasters use). With some tweaking, the green screen now has a nice smooth cyc-like curve to the floor. I also mounted one of the Pro lights to a boom stand to place it more directly behind the subject for an improvement of the edge/hair light position. I ordered a second boom stand that will end up holding a studio-dedicated wired stick mic (freeing up the wireless lav for field projects).

One of the nice additions to our video services is the ability to render out copies of the videos for use on the iPhone and other mobile devices. We're currently developing mobile versions of all of our internet marketing client sites, where these clips will fit in perfectly. If you're in the Charleston area and are interested in this type of functionality for your site, contact CIS for more info.

On Monday I'll be launching a month-long package special for web video production that will run through October. I'm tentatively calling the service "Express Media Studio", as it's main benefit is a fast, low-cost way for local businesses to integrate professional video into their current web sites. Contact me for details!

For businesses that need a new or re-designed website, I highly recommend contacting CIS. CIS has been in the internet and web design business since 1997.

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25 Years of Storm Observing
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