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                   Friday, November 3, 2017

Fall Illinois lightning show - November 2, 2017

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Sort of a surprise thunderstorm event snuck up on me last night - I say "sort of" only because my lack of awareness was due to an extended period of work days causing me to break my usual routine of daily weather monitoring. Models had these storms nailed in timing and placement, and I only needed to drive south 15 miles to set up for these shots. Unfortunately, the storms only produced a regular barrage of visible cloud-to-ground bolts while the storm was still 15 miles to my west (resulting in the orange hue). The bolts migrated deep into the heavy rain shortly thereafter, ending the photogenic phase of the event. These were shot at Tilden, IL while the storm was over Red Bud (south of St. Louis) with a Canon 50mm F1.8 lens.

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