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                   Sunday, June 24, 2018

2018 Great Plains season epilogue undo: Trip #4 preview

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A highly anomalous re-appearance of the jet stream across the southern Great Plains beginning on June 22 was the impetus for a quite unexpected Plains weather expedition #4 for the year. I had previously never covered the Great Plains later than June 14, as every year, the jet stream has permanently migrated far to the north by the middle of the month.

Trip #4 was a two-day run, leaving St. Louis before dawn on Saturday the 23rd (storm observation day 11 for 2018) and returning late on Sunday the 24th (Day 12). The only storm observation day of the trip was on the 23rd. I will compile some photos and videos for a proper expedition log later, but here are a couple of highlights:

Dual supercell updrafts at sunset near Hollister, Oklahoma:

Western updraft with lightning at twilight:

"Bolt from the blue" from storms across the Red River in Texas:

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