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The non-thunderstorm related light shows are continuing this fall. This week, it was the much-anticipated Leonid Meteor Shower, which succeeded in living up to expectations.

Storm season is over- but on November 6, the Mountain State was treated to a different type of light show - with a rare display of the Northern Lights.

Severe weather reports from Wednesday, October 24 are now available.

With October fall colors in West Virginia at their peak, there was still a good reason to get outside and take in the scenery.

August thunderstorms put on the light shows across the state, bringing with them some needed relief from the summer heat.

July 8 flood photos
Mullens, WV
Baileysville & Benton, WV

Other recent additions
July 8 thunderstorms
June 29 thunderstorms
June 12 thunderstorms
Tornado Alley chase

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Welcome to Wild, Wonderful West Virginia . . . where the Appalachian outdoors are Almost Heaven and the country roads take you home.

But life gets interesting when a cold front pushes through the Mountian State on a muggy summer afternoon.

Experience it for yourself . . .

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