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The 2001 New River Train

Every October, the Collis P. Huntington Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society sponsors four runs of the New River Train. The trips start in Huntington, WV and run through the famous New River Gorge to Hinton, WV in the heart of the West Virginia mountains during peak fall foliage season. Visit for more information on the trips and how to order tickets. Photos and videos are courtesy of

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Stretcher Neck Tunnel

Rolling west through the tunnel near Prince, WV during the 2001 New River Train excursions.

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New River Fall Foliage

The view from the last car of our train as we head west near Fayette Station, WV in October 2001.

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Hawks Nest Bridge

Crossing the New River on the famous bridge seen in many of the well-known photos of the Hawks Nest panorama.

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