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2001 Leonid Meteor Shower: Kenna, WV, November 18, 2000 - 2:00AM - 6:00AM

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While you're here, I need to tell you about something awesome. Got a minute?

Alright, they're not lightning. But they're quick, they light up the sky, and they're almost as spectacular. Besides, storm chasers need something to do in the off-season. With aurora borealis earlier in the month followed by a spectacular meteor shower, that hasn't been all too difficult. These two rare events were something to see - not just for storm chasers and astronomers, but for anyone.

During the shower on November 18, thousands of meteors lit up the sky between 1:30AM and sunrise. Most of the meteors left glowing trails that lasted several seconds afterward. Some were bright enough to light up the ground, causing shadows to become visible. The show continued right up until dawn, with bright streaks still visible even with the sunrise-lit eastern horizon.

It was quite a display - definately something to remember.

These photos were taken near Kenna, West Virginia in Jackson County, just east of Rt. 34. View is to the west.

Camera/Lens/Film: 35mm Pentax K1000 SLR, 28mm lens, Fuji Superia 400 ASA.
Exposure: 30 seconds to 5 minutes @ F2.8

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