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                   Monday, December 4, 2018

December 4 icy road event in St. Louis; Oklahoma winter storm bust

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Here's a quick roundup of winter weather events I've covered in the past month.

St. Louis flash-freeze icy road event, November 9

GPS LOG: Expedition path for November 9 storm

A short burst of snow in above-freezing air is normally a non-event. But in this case, a strong arctic cold front dropped temperatures rapidly in the minutes following, leading to widespread bridge icing and accidents. I did not capture any footage during this event despite covering the storm from South County STL to Normandy.

St. Louis snowstorm, November 14-15

GPS LOG: Expedition path for November 14-15 storm

Not much to report from this storm, even though the majority of the metro area received at least 6 inches. I covered the storm for 14 hours but did not capture any notable video.

St. Louis snow, November 25

GPS LOG: Expedition path for November 25 storm

Another long day shooting video during a winter storm, with nothing of note seen or captured.

St. Louis icy roads, December 4

VIDEO: Icy multi-vehicle accident in St. Louis, December 4

Snow squalls began moving through the metro area just after midnight, and immediately began causing problems. I witnessed (but did not capture) an accident at I-64 and I-255 in Caseyville, Illinois, calling 911 to report. Later, I captured 14 loss of control incidents, 6 of which resulted in vehicles colliding with each other and/or the barrier on I-55 at Carondelet. I called 911 for the second time that morning for that incident. This video is linked above and below.

Oklahoma winter storm bust, December 6-8

I took 3 days off of work for this storm, which most models indicated would be a high-impact event for western Oklahoma. But during my drive south on I-44, the models near-completely evaporated the storm. I considered turning around, but I continued on. I figured another model flip-flop was possible, or at the least a minor storm. This didn't happen, and I came home on Saturday with nothing captured despite a brief period of icing that morning.

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