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Hurricane & Tropical Storm Chase Logs & Photos

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This page lists all of my hurricane and tropical storm intercept expeditions from oldest to newest, with links to each chase report containing more photos, videos and detailed accounts. Most of these images are still frames captured from video footage. I have stock footage of these events available at Storm Highway.

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Hurricane Isabel - September 18, 2003

Virginia Beach chaser Bill Coyle and I teamed up to cover Hurricane Isabel's Category 2 landfall along the North Carolina coast in 2003. Read chase log >
The eyewall of Hurricane Isabel in North Carolina Hurricane Isabel damage in North Carolina Hurricane Isabel damage in North Carolina Hurricane Isabel heavy surf

Hurricane Frances - September 6, 2004

An expedition to Fort Pierce, Florida to document the Category 2 landfall of Hurricane Frances. Read chase log >
Awnings rip from a building in Fort Pierce Fort Pierce marina takes a battering Fort Pierce marina takes a battering Palm trees take a beating

Hurricane Ivan - September 16, 2004

A trip to Mobile, Alabama for the landfall of Category 3 Hurricane Ivan. Read chase log >
Storm chaser stands in Hurricane Ivan in Mobile, Alabama TV reporter stands in Hurricane Ivan Rain and wind Power lines arc and spark

Hurricane Rita - September 24, 2005

My brother Matt and I traveled to Port Arthur and Beaumont, Texas to cover the landfall of Category 3 Hurricane Rita. Read chase log >
Hurricane Rita aftermath Storm chaser in Hurricane Rita Hurricane Rita damages restaurant Hurricane Rita flooding

Tropical Storm Ernesto - September 1, 2006

Matt, Bill and I teamed up to cover Tropical Storm Ernesto, which came ashore just shy of hurricane strength at Carolina Beach, North Carolina. Read chase log >
Arcing power lines in Tropical Storm Ernesto Glowing power line insulators in Tropical Storm Ernesto Palm trees in Tropical Storm Ernesto Tropical Storm Ernesto damages sign

Tropical Storm Gabrielle - September 10, 2007

A trip to Morehead City, North Carolina area to intercept a very weak Tropical Storm Gabrielle. Read chase log >
Tropical Storm Gabrielle outer band Tropical Storm Gabrielle rainbow Tropical Storm Gabrielle rainbow Tropical Storm Gabrielle data

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