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Storms batter state for hours: Lightning tragedy kills 1, flooding problems hit parts of area: July 27, 2005

ABOVE: Lightning over downtown Charleston on Wednesday afternoon.

CHASE VIDEO 1: Lightning strikes WVAH tower, WMV 982KB, Split-screen video
CHASE VIDEO 2: Lightning over downtown Charleston
CHASE VIDEO 3: Flash flooding in Hurricane

CHARLESTON, WV - Numerous thunderstorms developed across the state of West Virginia on Wednesday, bringing a barrage of lightning and heavy rain to most areas. Some locations saw as many as a half dozen individual thunderstorms throughout the afternoon. Severe storms were commonplace, with most counties under warnings at one time or another. Hail, flooding and traffic accidents due to wet roads were seen across the region. Near St. Albans, a man was killed by lightning during one of the storms at an auto auction. The tragedy brings this week's number of storm-related deaths to three.

Nearly continuous storms resulted in flash flooding in southern Putnam County, particulary on Hurricane Creek in Hurricane.

BELOW: Lightning over downtown Charleston on Wednesday afternoon.

Video frames:

BELOW: Flooding on Hurricane Creek on Wednesday afternoon.

Video frames:

BELOW: Lightning strikes the WVAH television tower near St. Albans on Wednesday.

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