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                   Sunday, October 4, 2020

Music from the Road 3: Rick Elias, Layton Howerton & Michael W. Smith

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This week's Music from the Road is one for the person who isn't a Christian, reminding that Jesus is always calling for you no matter where you are in life.

Rick Elias: If You Believed

This track from Rick Elias's solo album blink elicits memories of my many drives on Coal River Road in rural Kanawha County, West Virginia after finishing work at the Charleston Gazette late at night.

Layton Howerton: The Kirby Man

Layton Howerton's distinct sound and songwriting on his 1998 album Boxing God has been another staple in my on-the-road playlists.

Michael W. Smith: Rocketown

Michael W. Smith's "Rocketown" is from his 1986 album The Big Picture.

Music from the Road
1. Intro; Eli
2. Steven Curtis Chapman, Rich Mullins & Geoff Moore
3. Rick Elias, Layton Howerton & Michael W. Smith
4. Watermark, Geoff Moore & Sara Groves
5. Steven Curtis Chapman
6. Crystal Lewis, Bryan Duncan, Chris Rice & Geoff Moore

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