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                   Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Great Plains 2016 storm chasing season epilogue & recap

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The annual summer ridge looks to have arrived over the central USA, bringing 2016's spring peak tornado season to a close. And what a season it was! This was my best one to date: an all-time season-total high of 15 tornadoes covering every shape and size and every rating from EF0 to EF4. I surpassed my 100-tornado mark and captured several of my best-ever still photographs, doubling the size of my tornado photo gallery. The following is a list of each chase day and a link to the detailed photo/video/gps/notes repository for each:

April 26 Junction City, Kansas supercells >

The first of three Plains storm chasing trips in 2016 yielded a few non-tornadic supercells on April 26 along I-70 in northeastern Kansas.

May 8 Capron, Oklahoma supercell >

A single chase day during Plains expedition #2 results in being in a great position for a supercell in northwestern Oklahoma that falls apart just before it can produce.

May 22 Spearman, Texas tornadoes >

The first day of this season's third trip was a success right out of the gate, with 2 tornadoes in the Texas panhandle.

May 23 Turkey, Texas close lightning >

Caution resulted in missed tornadoes after dark, but I captured a career close lightning strike still image with upward leaders.

May 24 Dodge City, Kansas tornadoes >

The show of the year with career tornado photos captured. 11 total tornadoes for the day.

May 25 Solomon-Abilene Kansas EF4 tornado >

Two close passes of a long-lived violent tornado along I-70 in central Kansas. 2 tornadoes for the day.

May 26 tornado outbreak bust

May 26 chase GPS log >

Early convection and storm outflow prevented a forecasted tornado event from materializing in central/eastern Kansas on this day, so I didn't create a dedicated page for it. The only two captures of note were this close lightning strike from the dashcam near Ellsworth, KS and a shelf cloud near Council Grove, KS:

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