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November severe weather outbreak hits Midwest: Intense lightning, tornadoes and hail reported: November 15, 2005

ABOVE: Intense lightning at Griffin, Indiana.

EXPEDITION VIDEO: Lightning near Griffin, Indiana: Watch video

EVANSVILLE, IN - A late-season severe weather outbreak affected parts of the Midwest on November 15. I decided to cover this event, driving 5 hours to the Indiana/Illinois state line on I-64. Due to the fast storm motions, my strategy this day was to position myself in front of any supercells that would be crossing the interstate, then watch them pass by. Instead of trying to race to catch up, I would just move east or west on the highway to catch the next cell.

While several tornadoes were reported, none of the storms I intercepted produced while they were in my view. However, I did catch a cluster of cells near Griffin, Indiana that produced an amazing display of cloud-to-ground lightning - so much so that the video captured made this trip a success.

BELOW: Lightning near Griffin, Indiana:

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