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A large amount of work and funds are necessary to keep this site up and running as an online resource. I spend a significant amount of funds every year in equipment, travel and administrative expenses to obtain the footage and photographs that appear on this site. Hundreds of hours of work and tens of thousands of miles of travel go into the Storm Highway web site every year to keep it a current source of severe weather information. Simply stated, doing what I do takes a lot of hard work and costs a lot of money! This means I am not able to give my material away for free. If you represent a non-profit or educational organization, I would be happy to work with you to supply material that fits your budget - simply contact us for information.

The following terms of use apply to all content on the Storm Highway web site, including all text, photographs, video and graphics.

My work is registered with the United States Copyright Office, and my attorneys aggressively pursue legal remedy in all copyright infringement cases involving my material. Please report any suspected infringement of my work by contacting me privately.

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  5. Infringement - Breach of the above terms is a violation of US law and constitutes copyright infringement. Due to the expense of my operation and value of my material, I have no choice but to legally and aggressively pursue infringement cases to protect my investments.
I appreciate your visit and your assistance in observing these guidelines - assuring that I will continue to be able to provide up-to-date video and photo content to the Storm Highway site.

Why do you take copyright infringement so seriously?

My video and photography is my primary business product. Sale of this material is an important source of my revenue to stay in business - it is how the 'bills are paid' and how I finance my many expenses such as fuel, vehicle and camera equipment maintenance, data access fees, and many other costs of running a business. My video and photography material is no different than products sitting on a store shelf. When my work is taken and used without payment, it is no different from an individual taking items off of a store shelf and walking out with them. Just like shoplifting is a serious offense against a store, copyright infringement is a serious offense against me. Therefore, I put effort into finding and pursuing all instances of infringement involving my photography and video products. I contract with a law firm who aggressively takes action on my behalf in all instances of infringement involving my work. Please report any suspected infringement of my work by contacting me privately.

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