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Storm Highway :: The Eugene A. Carter (Oakwood, Fort Hill) Bridge

The Eugene A. Carter (Oakwood, Fort Hill) Bridge

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VIDEOS: Video clip list with many Fort Hill Bridge incidents: See Videos

The Eugene A. Carter Bridge (also known as the Fort Hill Bridge or the Oakwood Bridge) carries Interstate 64 across the Kanawha River in downtown Charleston, West Virginia. The bridge is a six-lane span consisting of a long elevated approach (viaduct) from the north, a sharp 90-degree curved elevated approach from the southwest, and multiple interchange ramps merging onto the main truss span:

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Since 2003, I have been involved in covering accidents on this bridge as a freelance cameraman, with the resulting footage repeatedly making national and local television and newspaper headlines.

This web page is a compilation of information I have collected and observed about the bridge and the effort to implement measures to reduce its accident rate.


ARTICLE: The Case for De-Icing Equipment on the Carter Bridge
An article I put together explaining the hazards of the bridge, their causes and a possible solution.

ARTICLE: Icy Bridge Safety
Safety tips and an explanation about the number-one weather-related hazard to the average person.

ARTICLE: Bridge Overlay Installation
Documenting the installation of SafeLane™ overlay material to a nearby interstate bridge with similar accident rates.


Responses from Senator Robert C. Byrd and Highway Commissioner Paul Mattox (Click to enlarge):


  • Bridge overview - A brief video describing the main hazards of the bridge.
  • 35 accidents - Compilation edit of 35 accidents and spinouts caught on camera at the bridge.
  • More videos - Numerous longer versions of videos capturing incidents on the bridge.

Media Coverage

Deborah Norville and Carter Bridge on Inside EditionThe Carter Bridge and its accident-prone reputation has been featured nationwide on the following:

- The Weather Channel
- Inside Edition
- Good Morning America
- CourtTV / TruTV
- ABC News
- The Associated Press
- Local TV newscasts across the USA
- Newspapers across the USA

Carter Bridge on CNN Carter Bridge on CNN

Storm chaser and photographer Dan Robinson
About the Author: Dan Robinson has been a storm chaser, photographer and cameraman for 30 years. His career has involved traveling around the country covering the most extreme weather on the planet including tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning, floods and winter storms. Dan has been extensively published in newspapers, magazines, web articles and more, and has both supplied footage for and appeared in numerous television productions and newscasts. He has also been involved in the research community, providing material for published scientific journal papers on tornadoes and lightning. Dan also holds an active Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA (Part 107) for commercial drone operation.

30 Years of Storm Chasing & Photography
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