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Day 13: June 5 - Heading home

Sunday, June 5: The plan was to leave Coffeyville at 8AM so we could make Sunday's risk area in southern Illinois by mid-afternoon. But when I woke up at 7AM to check the morning data and outlooks, I just went back to bed. The risk had shifted far north and east into Michigan and northern Indiana, much too far to make in time. We needed the rest, so we decided to let this one go.

2005 just isn't going to be much of an expedition to remember. There is no appreciable severe weather risk within our driving range for the next several days. This, and the fact that we need to get Matt back to Raleigh for work on Wednesday, will bring our 2005 storm observing expedition to a close.

On Sunday, we left Coffeyville, Kansas at 11AM, drove for 5 hours and spent the evening in St. Louis shooting city skyline photos. We're now lodging in O'Fallon, Illinois, and will be making one more stop in Nashville on our way to Raleigh. After dropping Matt off in Raleigh, I will be returning to Charleston by Wednesday night, bringing this 7,000 mile, 14-state saga to an end.

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