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The page lists all of the posts since I started the main blog in November of 2006. Prior to that are the Great Plains chase blog posts for the 2005 and 2006 spring seasons. -Dan

Great Plains storm chase expedition posts are marked with .
** Designates a post-in-progress with ongoing updates.

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2024 Posts

2023 Posts

2022 Posts

December 2022:
November-December roundup

November 2022:
September-November roundup

August 2022:
June-August roundup

June 2022:
Giant hail
Plains logs

May 2022:
May roundup

April 2022:
March-April roundup

2021 Posts

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2012 Posts

August 2012
Arch strike rate?
Stacking photos
NKP 765 in Pittsburgh
8/4 STL lightning
8/3 chase/sunset

July 2012
7/26 sunset
7/19 twilight storm
7/15 Aurora Borealis
7/9 STL storms
7/7 lightning
7/1 hail/wind

June 2012
Hail cross sections
Limits of science
Summer entrenched
Plains trip 2

May 2012
5/31 KY/IN chase
5/29 lightning
5/24 Iowa chase
5/24 Forecast update
Value of human life?
5/20 Forecast update
5/18 Forecast update
5/16 Forecast update
Stats, Midwest forecast
5/12 Forecast update
5/9 Forecast update
20 storm chasers to follow
May 6-7 lightning
Close lightning!
5/3 Forecast update
5/1 Forecast update

April 2012
4/28 STL large hail
4/26 IL hailer
4/24 Forecast update
4/22 Forecast update
Trip 1 chase logs
Photo/video update
Day 4: Low risk in MO
Day 3: OK tornadoes
Day 2: OK tornadoes
Day 1: KS structure
Trip 1 ahead

2011 Posts

December 2011
Closing 2011
Louisville bridge update
First winter precip
12/5 STL snow forecast

November 2011
More November storms
11/14 lightning chase
11/8 chase bust
Road ice season
New River Bridge lights
Upcoming storms

October 2011
World Series parade
Cards win World Series
10/24 auroras
New St. Louis cityscapes
Actionable probabilities
World Series Game 2
World Series Game 1
World Series prelude
Sherman Minton Bridge
Cardinals: NLCS Game 5
STL city/Arch VI

September 2011
St. Louis aerials
10-22mm test shots
Slide/negative scans
Lightning stacks II
9/3 IL lightning
The end of film

August 2011
Earthquake info/links
Louisville, Charleston
Hurricane Irene links
5.8M VA earthquake
8/19 tower lightning
8/16 steam devils
Indiana stage collapse
8/13 lightning/moon
Lightning stacks I
8/9 STL sunset
8/8 Miscellaneous

2010 Posts

May 2010
5/31 New Baden damage
5/30 storms
Upcoming week
STL Arch with rainbow
5/24 IL storms
Sedalia, MO tornado log
Summer pattern, convergence
Forecast update
Standing down
Plains update
4/30, 5/1, 5/3 chase logs
May 9-12 chase logs
5/10 log, tornado #50
Midnight IL lightning
5/13 STL storms
Update; forecast
Day 7: OK/KS
Day 6: OK/KS
5/9 OK lightning
Day 5: OK
May 10-12 Forecast V
More WV earthquakes
Forecast update IV
5/3 prelim report
Forecast update
5/1 prelim report
5/1 chase updates

April 2010
4/30 prelim report
4/30 chase updates
Forecast update IV
Forecast update
Moonrise/sunset 4/27
Forecast update
4/22,24 reports
Day 4: MO/IL/KY/TN
Day 3: KS/NE/MO
TX wedge tornado
Day 2: TX/OK/KS
4/22 forecast updates
Forecast update
Vehicle work 1
2010 season kickoff
Engine bird nest
Downtime; bird nest
3.4M WV earthquake
4/7 SW IL chase
4/5-6 roundup
4/4 chase photos
4/3 photos, update
April 2 log 1
April 2-7 chases

2009 Posts

December 2009
Christmas ZR
Road icing outbreak
Dec 20-21 snow
Dec 18-20 snowstorm
Deep winter
Winter fan?
Dec 13 icing toll
Dec 12-13 icing
Road ice 'common sense'
Dec 12-13 ice storm
Dec 8-9 ice storm
No more SVRs
Dec 7 road icing
Dec 4-6 snow
SC/NC chase

November 2009
11/26-28 snow updates
Thanksgiving snow
Icy Roads update
11/10/02 outbreak
Winter mode
Black ice threat
850mb chart season

October 2009
No chase
Forecast update
Event next week?
Snowstorm updates
Mountain snow
Winter update
October 9 chase
Big winter storm
First snow?
First colors

September 2009
Summer departure
Forecast update
Fall season
Possible storms
Icy road season
Making sure
9/12 dashcam

August 2009
TS Danny updates
New tropical system
2009 recap
August 20 chase
Bill moving NE
HD video preference
Tropics active
Capitol lightning
Putnam flooding
Moon & Jupiter
Perseids, Discovery show
Lightning at 1300mm
Moon at 1300mm
1300mm test II

July 2009
1300mm lens
New River lightning
July 25 storms
Lightning goals
Teleconverter test
Turnpike tolls
Coalfields chase
7/18 Charleston photos
Oakwood spinout
Lone cloud
Mountain storms
Morning rainbow

June 2009
Charleston sunset
June 17-19 video
Sunset storms
6/24 Charleston photos
Midwest trip #2
WV supercell
Midwest trip #2?
Upcoming week
Capitol & steeples
June 11 chase
June 9 storms
Season finished?
Fabian Guerra
Season update
Forecast update
6/2 lightning video
Northern WV storms
Forecast update
Season restart?

May 2009
WV/KY supercells
Logan lightning
Monster shelf cloud!
Flooding/shelf cloud
Nitro flooding
Triggered convection
Historic season?
Fort Hill sunset
Forecast update
OKC 2nd angle
Weak storms, frost
Forecast update
Wednesday video
Midwest trip #1
Upward lightning page
Forecast update
Wednesday IL/IN/MO/KY
May 8 log/analysis
Forecast update
Close tower lightning
Flood potential
Forecast update
WxWorx still good
Raleigh supercell
May 1 HD video
Event trip #1 logs
Day 9: OK to WV
Day 8: Northern TX

April 2009
Day 7: Central OK
Day 6: Tough day
Day 5: Tulsa again
Day 4: Tulsa
OKC tower lightning
Day 3: W OK/TX border
Day 2: NW OK
Day 1: WV to STL
Trip possible
Forecast update
2009 Blog Kickoff
WV tower lightning
Kentucky lightning
April snowstorm?

March 2009
Clearing line
Building 82 implosion
Dry air, forecast update
Vehicle work VI
Spring downtown
Vehicle work V
Fog on satellite
Spring update
Bridge problems
Icy bridges
Thursday snow
Vehicle work IV
Friday snow?!
Winter is losing
Vehicle work III
Snow outlook
Vehicle work II
Spring in the lead

February 2009
Snowstorm updates
Watching for 60s
Picture of upslope
Future homes
Chaff on radar
WV storms
TWC feature
Monday sunset
Charleston, TWC
22 degree halo
Wednesday chase
2/11 forecast updates
First 2009 chase
Taste of spring
Old hailstones

January 2009
Mana's Chili
Jan. 27 photos/video
Winter storm updates
Winter storms
Road frost event
River ice/NC snow
Road Ice Warning
Winter thunderstorm
Ice threat!
Sunrise, snow
Road ice warnings
Random files
Bridge frost
First sunrise

2008 Posts

December 2008
5D MKII vs FX1
Icy roads claim 200+
Icy bridge demo
12/23 freezing rain
Snow bands
Season change
Icy road stats
Busting forecasts
Arctic front
Horseshoe funnel
Into the clear
Break from winter?
Icy road outbreak
Mythbusters extra
Arctic front

November 2008
Monday black ice
Below $2
Snow week updates II
Snow week updates I
Valley fog
A week of winter
Weekend snow
Charleston rooftop scene
Charleston peak colors
Charleston: Nov 3
Gorge at Long Point

October 2008
Gorge morning
First snow photos
Big Walker #3
Night valley fog
First snow updates
Frost, snow update
Monday snow?
Icy roads claim lives
First frost
More Charleston photos
Charleston photos
- Polarizer

September 2008
Lighting stuff
TV Sunset
Ohio hurricane
Thursday lightning
No Ike chase
Tuesday storms
Hanna updates

August 2008
Cat 4 Gustav
Record month 2
Four storms?
Fay and Gustav
HD videos
Photo stacking
Anti-ice overlay
Lightning lull

July 2008
Trees and CCTV
Shelf cloud
Charleston lightning
Cristobal updates
Mountain storms
Storm Chasing & Photography seasons
Expedition Gallery
Charleston photography
Charleston severe storm
Capitol lightning
Charleston lightning
Flash flood waves
Sunday chase
Charleston panorama

June 2008
June 2008 stats
Charleston rainbow
Event video roundup
Charleston shelf cloud
Pittsburgh lightning
More lightning
S. Charleston lightning
Lightning & moonrise
Hail video
Hail frappuccino
WV large hail
Raleigh lightning
Wednesday storms II
Wednesday storms
Monday hail
Power plant convection
Charleston lightning!
Lightning 100 miles away
Storms 100 miles away
June 10 storms
June 10 lightning
June 9 lightning
June 3-4 photos/video
Wednesday lightning!
Wednesday chase
Tower lightning video
Lightning chase!
Tower lightning!
Tuesday chase
Kentucky supercell
Sunday chase

May 2008
Sunset pileus
Forecast update
May 24 HD video
May 30-31 storms
Day 10: IN to WV
Day 9: OK to IN
Day 8: NW Oklahoma
Day 7: Western Kansas
Day 6: KS/OK chances
Day 5: Outbreak #2
Day 4: Outbreak setup
Day 3: Panhandle day
Amarillo lightning
Day 2: MO to TX
Day 1: WV to MO
Expedition update
Lightning chase bust
Event chase!
Trough weather
Hope ahead?
Kanawha Falls HD
2 models, 2 forecasts
7-day eastern trough
VDG sparks 1
300mm test shots
Resolution comparison
XSi first run
Another 2006?
May 11 chase
More HD chase video
Non-Plains outbreaks
Site going HD
NC/VA outbreak
May 8 lightning
Storm Chasing & Photography's hard times
Useless models
2-week outlook
Saturday storms/chase
Eventful May start
HD lightning issues
Thursday's setup

April 2008
Data in the mountains
Mountain systems test
Suffolk, VA tornado
NC storm chase day
Back in the game
Monday chase
Shutting down
Sunday photos/video
Sunday NC chase
IL/IN earthquake
Vehicle preps 1
View of dreams
Chasecam & aircard
Snow update
April snow/mobile data
Friday photos/video
Friday chase updates
Thursday chase updates
Thursday forecast 1
Event Thursday?
Outbreaks next week?
April 3-5 floods
Active weather ahead
April 1 sunrise

March 2008
Spring is winning
Watching 850mb
2008 Event Blog
Forecast roundup
Convective snow
Battle for spring
March 19 log
Charleston storm
March 19 updates
Wednesday update
Wednesday forecast
Dual 25-day timelapse
Southern outbreak
Active week
Atlanta tornado
Is winter over?
Bridge overlays
Quiet week ahead
March 8 video
Oakwood accidents
March 7-8 storm
New NC I-40 route
Short chase
Tuesday severe WX
NC storm chase day?
Coal River hike
Annual March 1 post

February 2008
Wednesday video
Feb 26-27 winter storm
Brick streets = bridges
PA icy roads
Winter storm part 2
Lunar eclipse photos
Wednesday storm updates
Charleston camera II
Feb 20-22 winter storm
Rainbow panoramas
Charleston rainbow
"Home" chase areas
Snow melting - for now
Photo composite
Sunset highway
Winter storm updates
Fire and ice
Lexington scans
Icy road threat
Winter thunderstorms?
Crofton, KY tornado
Lexington photos
Feb 5 summary
High risk
Wednesday now?
Tuesday forecast 1
Winter lightning!
Tuesday outbreak?
Black ice in Beckley

January 2008
Ice storm chase?
Indoor lightning
Moderate risk
Tuesday severe wx
Tuesday storms?
Tuesday event recap
Missed it all
NC snow photos 1
NC snow update 4
NC snow update 3
NC snow update 2
NC snow update 1
NC snowstorm chase
Carolinas snowstorm?
New dashcam
Winter returns
Bridge name?
Tornado outbreak
First tornado watch
Fog/movies/gas bills
Best country drives
Snowstorm timelapse
More snow photos
Snowstorm photos/video
Snowstorm update 3
Snowstorm update 2
Jan. 1-3 snowstorm update

2007 Posts

December 2007
Surprise bridge ice
New Year's snowstorm
Snowy New Year?
Upslope/downslope stratus
StormCam update
5 worst bridges
Lewisburg snow
Charleston snow
Sleet begins
Sunday snow
Boston snow
Falling tower ice
Weekend update: warmer
Weekend storm update
Monday 911 calls
Big weekend storm?
Fort Hill aftermath
Fort Hill fall-off
Flooding and storms
Bad icy road season
New DVD coming soon
New vehicle logos
Light freezing rain
More ice/snow
Snowstorm photos/video
Dec. 5 snowstorm: 1
Dec. 5 snow: Update 3
Dec. 5 snow: Update 2
Dec. 5 snow: Update 1
Light snow
Snow forecast update
Oakwood/Fort Hill

November 2007
Winter weather roundup
Dashcam Files 5
Cold/snow next week
40th tornado!
Leaf shedding/frost
Oakwood accident
Lake Michigan effect
Season timelapse update
Upslope case: 3/17/07
Oakwood/Senator Byrd
Upslope snow
Icy road risk
Icy road forecast
Photog shelter
Oakwood again
Dashcam Files 4
"The Open Road" 4
No snow
November lightning
Icy road forecast
Unofficial winter
Signs of winter

October 2007
Oakwood fall-off
Fall timelapse update
Oakwood De-Icers
The DashCam Files
KY chase photos
IN/IL/KY chase today
Thursday chase?
Tornado outbreaks
Southern Kitchen
Severe storm potential
October lightning
AT: departure
First colors
IntoSummer update

September 2007
October WX
TS Karen
"The Open Road" 3
"The Open Road" 2
Supernumerary Rainbow
"The Open Road" 1
NC tornadoes
Gabrielle report
Gabrielle update 2
Gabrielle update 1

August 2007
TS Dean
8/13 lightning
Perseid report
Perseid setup
Storms, finally
I-64 cameras

July 2007
NC storms
Raleigh lightning
Mayberry chase

June 2007
NC severe storms
New May 4 tornado
Busted forecast
Pittsburgh part III
Pittsburgh chase
Charleston sunset
DAY 15: IA / MO
DAY 14: Nebraska
DAY 13: WV to NE
6/4 chase - WV
It's a GO!
Critical point
Outbreak setup
We're back!
Active week ahead

May 2007
5/30 chase - VA/NC
Monday forecast
Forecast update
5/24 chase - WV
Storm Chasing & Photography at home?
3 more weeks
June or bust
Forecast update
It's video ghosting!
Still waiting
Forecast update
Forecast update
Forecast update
May 5 report
Forecast update
Plan B idea
Plains in photos
Trip #2 summary
Day 12: IL lightning
Greensburg report
Phone calls
Day 10: Oklahoma
Greensburg: EF5
DAY 9: Kansas tornadoes
DAY 8: Kansas tornadoes
DAY 7: WV to KS
Trip #2 plans
New digital camera
Old digital camera
May is here

April 2007
May 5-10 looking good
Forecast update
Trip #1 summary, log
DAY 6: Kentucky storms
DAY 5: MO supercell
DAY 4: Tough going
DAY 3: Kansas tornadoes
DAY 3: Ready in TX
T-minus 7 hours
Green light
On alert again
Road-trip ready
Late April chance
May on the horizon
Storms, snow, floods
Power/comm rack
Tripod compartment
Expedition logs update
Snow, to Raleigh
Snow starting up
Snow forecast
IntoSummer update

March 2007
Cold and snow?!
Blog Kickoff
Wait for May
2007 Event Blog
Almost that time
IntoSummer II
Crash prevention
Trouble at Oakwood
Snow, I-64 crash
First '07 storms February 2007
Meteorological spring
Ice fall update
First 2007 chase
Battle for spring
Norman syndrome
Real winter is here

January 2007
Thursday report
Winter gearing up
Active weather
Snow next week

2006 Posts

2005 Posts

April 2005
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