Storm Highway by Dan Robinson
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Storm Highway by Dan RobinsonClick for an important message

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Storm chaser and photographer Dan Robinson
Dan Robinson has been a storm chaser, photographer and cameraman for 31 years. He started photographing lightning in July of 1993 in southwestern Pennsylvania. As of today, his career has involved traveling around the country covering the most extreme weather on the planet including tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning, floods and winter storms.

Dan has been extensively published in newspapers, magazines, web articles and more, and has both supplied footage for and appeared in numerous television productions and newscasts. He has also been involved in the research community, providing material for published scientific journal papers on tornadoes and lightning. As of today, Dan has seen 179 tornadoes and covered 7 hurricanes & tropical storms, including Category 5 Hurricane Michael. Dan's video from Hurricane Rita in 2005 aired to one of cable television's largest audiences on record.

Chicago lightning on Mythbusters
Dan's video on Mythbusters

Dan's main areas of expertise are on the science and photograpy of lightning as well as winter driving safety. For over 29 years, his Lightning and Extreme Weather Educational Library has been online as an educational source for many millions of visitors. Dan's Youtube channel, online since 2012, has nearly 200,000 subscribers with over 160 million video views. Dan's other web site has been the leading source for winter driving safety and resources on the internet since 2008.

National Geographic interview on the El Reno tornado
National Geographic interview about the 2013 El Reno tornado.

Dan continues to cover extreme weather around the country, and updates the site frequently with new videos, photos and educational material.

30 Years of Storm Chasing & Photography
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