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1,262 storm events and 366,372 miles logged and counting! I make it a priority to document all of my weather and storm chasing outings in the form of accounts or logs. This section of the site contains my logs of 31 years of storm chasing across the USA. Included in each log are the photos and videos captured, strategies, forecasting and meteorological details and links to other accounts. If you just want to see the tornadoes, visit the tornado logs page.

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Total Miles Logged: 366,372

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Recent Highlights

Icy Road Close Call - February 16, 2024
ST. LOUIS - Near miss during St. Louis snowstorm.

Winter tornado in Illinois - February 8, 2024
HENRY, IL - Dusty tornado and lightning in northern Illinois.

Icy Bridge Spins & Slides - January 15, 2024
HOUSTON - Icy bridges from freezing rain in deep south Texas.

Chicago Upward Lightning - July 29, 2023
CHICAGO - Skyscraper lightning extravaganza during nighttime storms.

St. Louis Arch Strike - June 30, 2023
ST. LOUIS - Lightning barrage in downtown St. Louis, with a Gateway Arch strike.

Golden Cumulonimbus - June 25, 2023
EVANSVILLE, IN - Explosive sunset convection in southern Indiana.

Blue Hour Supercell Lightning - June 16, 2023
SPRINGFIELD, CO - Supercell at twilight in southeast Colorado.

Funnel Directly Overhead - May 14, 2023
FAYETTEVILLE, IL - Funnel directly overhead in southern Illinois.

Upward Lightning in St. Louis - April 15, 2023
ST LOUIS - All types of lightning: upward, downward, negative, positive.

Central Illinois Tornado - April 4, 2023
VERMONT, IL - Rope tornado in central Illinois.

Power Line Lightning Strike - March 31, 2023
LIVELY GROVE, IL - Lightning strikes power lines in southern Illinois.

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30 Years of Storm Chasing & Photography
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