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May 16, 2005: Back home, short-term forecast looking bleak

This may end up being the expedition season that wasn't. The long-range models are persistent and unrelenting in their forecast of a strong ridge taking hold in the Plains for one to two weeks or more. Moisture in Tornado Alley currently is not supportive of good severe weather chances, even if upper air dynamics did come to pass. This type of scenario is generally not one that recovers within a few days.

We're still planning on a Friday re-departure, hoping for a better outlook. But after each new day that passes, it's becoming apparent that we just might not have a string of 'classic' storm photography days before June 1. We might change our game plan from a long trip out west to a short-fuse 3-5 day trip whenever it looks like conditions will improve, which could be as far away as mid to late June. There's nothing to do now but wait.

So, we're going back into 'standby' mode, resuming 'normal life' until Tornado Alley starts to wake up again.

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