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May 2, 2005: GFS model looking more optimistic

May is finally here. But the atmosphere doesn't seem to notice.

The current unseasonable cold spell in the Plains, including snow and freezing temperatures in parts of Tornado Alley, has many storm photographers nervous about the upcoming season peak. But the long-range GFS model is beginning to offer hope of a dramatic pattern change in the next week or so, to a setup more favorable for severe weather (image at right). Models are notoriously flaky in their forecasts this far out, but their consistency over the past few days has been encouraging. Supercell storms could be possible as early as this coming weekend. We won't be making our trip west until later in the month, so it remains to be seen what weather pattern we'll be dealt. It's simply too soon to make a guess.

In the meantime, it's back to getting things ready here at home, not the least of which is finishing up a few big projects at the office. Business before pleasure, so it goes. The chase vehicle needs some re-organizing and preparation. Lorenzo from Inspeed was kind enough to mail out a repair kit for the Vortex anemometer mounted on my vehicle. The rotor shaft was knocked out of balance after hitting a tree limb when it was on the old Ranger truck, and has been making increasingly loud vibrations since. Reading accuracy is starting suffer, so I'll be making that repair that this week. I also picked up a Jotto mobile laptop desk for the car on eBay today. This will help with making room for everyone and allowing the person riding in the passenger seat to use the computer comfortably.

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