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May 23: Day 2: Nebraska, Kansas

1:11AM CDT: Chased in south-central Nebraska and saw this spectacular lightning-and-sunset accented shelf coud north of Hebron:

Currently in Salina, Kansas for the night, still on the fence about storm photography in Missouri on Wednesday.

1:10PM CDT: Our group now includes Nick Grillo and Kurt Hulst, who arrived last night. We're currently in Hastings, Nebraska at the home of Pete McConnell and family, who have graciously opened their house for our small observer convergence as we wait for the day's events to start. Pete has taken the day off work to photograph storms today's setup and will also be with us.

Our setup today has two possible targets - one near the surface low in South Dakota, and another along the dryline in south-central Nebraska and northern Kansas. Since we are already close to the southern target here in Hastings, we are leaning more toward choosing the dryline. If so, we're already in a decent spot. So for now, the plan is to sit tight and wait for signs of cumulus development. We'll adjust north, south or west as needed. Tomorrow looks like an expedition in southeast Kansas and Missouri, so we'll likely be paying Kansas a visit before today is done.

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