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Storm Highway by Dan RobinsonClick for an important message

May 26: Day 5: MO to SD

12:00AM CDT - We just completed the long drive to Aberdeen and are finally in our hotel. Dr. Flescher joined our crew in Kansas City, and in Council Bluffs, Fabian Guerra became the ninth person in our now five-vehicle convoy. We encountered a few photogenic high-based thunderstorms along I-29 just north of the Iowa border, and stopped for a few quick shots:

We are still evaluating data on tomorrow's expedition, and will likely be up early to head in a general northerly direction to our target in north central or northeastern North Dakota.

10:17AM CDT - We are going to try for the system in the Dakotas on Saturday (tomorrow). Our initially planned overnight stop is Aberdeen, South Dakota, a 13-hour drive from our current location in Wentzville, Missouri. After that it looks like an early morning wakeup and a long drive to eastern Montana or western North Dakota in time for storm initiation by early afternoon. Dr. Flescher will be joining us in Kansas City on our way there.

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