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May 29: Car problem identified, more days in Bismarck

Diagnosis: Fuel pump failure.

Estimated cost to repair: $450 to $650

With the Ford dealership's service department still closed, we pushed the car a block down the street to the Firestone center, which was open today. They were able to diagnose the problem as the fuel pump. The Bismarck Ford dealer was not able to find the part anywhere in the state of North Dakota. It will be tomorrow before the part can even be ordered, meaning it could be Wednesday or Thursday before we can get back on the road - extending our stranding in Bismarck to 4 to 5 days.

We spent the afternoon walking around town, and toured the North Dakota state capitol. We will probably rent a car tomorrow so we can find something to occupy our next couple of days.

The extra time also gave me a chance to work on some more video from Saturday's lightning show. Here are a few more screen captures:

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