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Day 21: June 13 - Missouri supercell and funnels

Monday, June 13: Wasn't planning to observe storms on Monday, as I had to make it back to Charleston for a 10AM meeting on Tuesday. However, a supercell exploded right on I-44 in front of me and tracked along the interstate, giving me an easy and unexpected chase!

The supercell developed southwest of Rolla, and the meso stayed pretty much right over, or just south of, I-44 for most of its life. The storm had a large rain-free base and strong inflow features curving in. A wall cloud quickly developed with strong RFD slots developing off and on. Saw several persistent funnels and heard the sirens going off in downtown Rolla.

Updated! A full log of the day's events from June 13, including still frames and digital photos, has been given its own page posted at the following link:

June 13, 2005 Rolla, Missouri supercell and funnels

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