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May 24: Day 3: Kansas, Missouri

6:50PM CDT We are sitting along I-44 east of Joplin, Missouri waiting for storms to fire. Whether or not that will happen remains to be seen, but parameters look good if convection is actually able to begin.

9:37AM CDT: Matt, David, Tom, Nick, Kurt and I are in Salina, Kansas pondering our next move. Thursday looks to be a complete down day, with no realistically chaseable severe storms anywhere in the Plains. Today's setup is very marginal, with a slight chance of storms to our southeast. Friday looks to bring better possibilities to western Kansas and Nebraska, although the forecast is iffy. Saturday's risk could be in Montana and North Dakota.

So, we are trying to decide about storm photography southeast Kansas today for at least some cumulonimbus and lightning shots. However, doing this would mean a farther drive north for Friday and Saturday.

The longer-range forecast suggests the Plains will not be very active, if at all, after this weekend. If that is the case, we will head home on Monday or Tuesday and plan on a possible second trip later in June.

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