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May 28: Day 7: An unexpected end

2:38AM CDT

Currently in Bismarck, North Dakota - and our storm photography expedition has come to a sudden close. Just south of Bismarck at 10:30PM, the car lurched, then stalled - then wouldn't restart. Possible engine problems of an unknown origin, nothing that can be fixed without a mechanic. After two hours of waiting, the AAA tow truck arrived and took us to the Bismarck Ford dealer. Of course, it's Saturday night on Memorial Day weekend, meaning we are going to become temporary North Dakota residents until at least Tuesday.

David and Eric will be riding back home with Kurt and Nick, while Tom, Matt and I will be stuck here until a repair shop opens on Tuesday. By the time the car is repaired, the last of the severe weather setups will have come and gone, meaning we will be heading straight home from here.

On a positive note, our chase on Saturday went great, despite the lack of tornadoes. We got some of the best lightning/sunset/storm structure combination photos and video I've ever seen (photos coming soon).

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