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September 22: Never say never

Wow. Now I'll never say a year's storm season is over until December 31. Before this day, I would have laughed at any suggestion that we'd see an F4 wedge tornado in Illinois in September. I also never thought we'd have another major storm observation day after our lean spring trip was over, let alone have it be in September, and furthermore it be successful! We ventured out for a big severe weather setup in Missouri and Illinois on September 22, and with the Lord's blessing, scored big. This tornado at Crosstown, Missouri was the biggest and strongest I've seen yet. We were the only storm observers who intercepted and captured video of this storm, which turned out to be the 'big one' of the outbreak - rated F4 for extensive damage in Crosstown. Being the only one on the 'storm of the day' is not something that happens every day for a storm observer, and certainly not something I ever expected to experience.

Full September 22 report with photos and video

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